Beauty Works is the most influential beauty supply.

Beauty Works hope to be 
the business of beauty and happiness.

Since 2013, Beauty Works has made its presence known in upstate New York and Rhode Island. There are plans to open in other states as well. Communicating with our customers and the community has always played a very important role in our company. We are always striving to stay abreast of the changes in the beauty world.

Connecting to the future

Our goal is to enhance our customer’s beauty from 
the inside out. We offer high-quality human-hair, 

wigs, braids, and cosmetics. 

Beauty Works is a specialty beauty supply store located 
in upstate New York and Rhode Island.

We continuously work to choose to improved products 

and offer a better shopping experience

 for our customers.

Beauty Works will continue to expand across the New England region. Our main goal is for our loyal customers to trust in our products and services we offer.